Ncert class 10 chemistry chapter 1 [Chemical Reactions & Equations]

Ncert class 10 chemistry chapter 1, Hello Students, I hope you are doing awesome. Welcome to class 10th science chapter 1 [Chemical reactions and Equations]. from this chapter the journey for your class 10th starts.

Here we are going to talk about what are the challenges you are going to face in this chapter. What are the new things that we are going to understand and cover in this chapter? But,

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Ncert class 10 chemistry chapter 1, As you know This chapter is the first chapter of your class 10th Science and class 10th Chemistry. Trust me..! This year Chemistry is a little tough if you will compare with class 9th Chemistry.

But if your basics are cleared then don’t worry this time it’s superb Easy. But Yeah you need to put a lot of time and you need to do a lot of stuff.

See why most of the students do not understand the chemistry and they face difficulties in memorizing the formulas and laws of Chemistry, Because:-

If you will not solve and practice and the Laws and Equations of Chemistry then you will forget them in a short Period of time.

Now let’s get started with today’s topic. That is Ncert Class 10 chemistry chapter 1 [Chemical Reactions & Equations].

So what we going to learn in this chapter?

In this chapter, we are going to start from very basic and we will move towards advanced. We will cover each and everything that is generally asked in your Periodic, Semsters and in your Board Examinations.

Remember this chapter is very important from the examination point of view and also because this chapter will clear all the basics. That we are going to learn in the upcoming classes.

In this chapter, we will start with the Physical and Chemical Changes and we will end this chapter at Corrosion and Raincity.

We are going to learn about the different properties of elements, How do they react with each other, How can we identify that the chemical changes are taking places or not, How we write the formulas, About the balancing of chemical Reactions and Different types of Chemical Reactions.

How these Reactions take place and what are they and what are the conditions that help in making the reactions faster. What is oxidation and Reaction to how these reactions take place? What are the disadvantage and the preventions of these reactions?

Overview of the different topics of this chapter:-

This chapter at the Starting, we are going to cover the difference between the physical and the chemical changes that take place in our Environment and how we can Identify the Different chemical reactions.

Also, we are going to cover the Different Types of chemical reactions that are Combination reaction, Decomposition Reaction, Displacement reaction, Double Displacement relation, Combustion Reaction, reaction, oxidation Reaction, reduction Reaction, neutralization Reaction, Exothermic reaction, and Endothermic Reactions.

Also, we are going to cover Rancidity and Corrosion. You will understand about Corrosion in Chapter – 3 [Metals and Non-Metals].

Don’t worry about seeing all these topics. These topics are very Small and if you will study with Strategy then it will be very easy for you to understand all these topics and understand.

Is Ncert Sufficient for Board Examination?

Yes NCERT is sufficient but only at the board examination point of view. if you wanted to take the indepth knowledhe anout all these topics then NCERt is not Sufficient.

Remember:- For Science only NCERT is sufficient if you will ask me for Maths then no NCERT is not sufficient in this case.

Download class 10th science NCERT {Ncert class 10 chemistry chapter 1}

Is this chapter really very important from the Examination Point of View?

Yes this chapter is very important from this chapter in the board Examinations each time about 5 marks of Questions are asked. And also this chapter is very important Because this is the first chapter of your chemistry it covers all the basics and terminology that you are going to study in the further chapters.

What is the Best Strategy that you have to apply to understand and learn this chapter Easily?

See If you are reading this content till here then obviously you are on the right way and you have great patience and wish to learn and understand the things in a strategical manner.

So Strategy is that blindly follow all these steps given below. Not matters what is your present situation in science. Hey but remember you have to do follow all these steps if ypu are reading this blog before your irst Semster.

You have to put a lot of time into understanding each and everything of Ncert class 10 chemistry chapter 1. You have to dig down each and every point of NCERT.

And Remember for Board examinations NCERT for Chemistry is Sufficient as i Mentioned Earlier. You dont need to memorize any notes or any extra book. this is Very important that each and every point of this chapter will be clear to.

You dont have to focus on the Intex and the Questions that are given at the back side of the NCERT.

If you wanted to score 90+ in chemistry then this chapter is like you say pillar or foundation of any Building.

You have to put as much time as you can especially for this chapter. once this chapter will be Cleared. Then solving and understanding the other chapters will be very easy for you.

Remember in this chapter mainly you have to focus on Memorizing the different chemical Equations and and don’t forget to solve, understand and learn the Activity-Based of problems of this chapter {Ncert class 10 chemistry chapter 1 [Chemical Reactions & Equations]}.

So hopefully this Content was helpful for you. if you have any doubts related to this chapter or related to science then you can let me know in the comment Sections. I will try to respond to you as soon as possible for me.

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